Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey creates an elastic groove

Special to The Star

Two burly, bespectacled Kansas Citians dominated an appearance by a Tulsa, Okla.-based band Wednesday at Crosstown Station.

Both physically and musically imposing, Jeff Harshbarger and Mark Southerland made memorable contributions to a performance by Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Harshbarger, one of Kansas...

Review of ‘Night of Tango’

Special to The Star

Laden with anguish and regret, the music of Astor Piazzolla is exquisitely sorrowful. Yet no one in the overflow audience of approximately 300 at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church had cause for misgivings about attending Friday’s concert dedicated to the compositions of the...

Alaturka at Jardine's


Alternately sacred and sensual, ancient and au courant, the innovative sound of Alaturka captivated a capacity audience Sunday at Jardine's. The Kansas City-based quartet showcased material from Tamamabi, their dazzling debut album of trailblazing Turkish jazz.

"It means 'okay brother'," Alaturka founder Beau Bledsoe said of the...

A “Conversation” with Jeff Harshbarger

by andrewzender

Jeff Harshbarger, Kansas City bassist and the newest addition to the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO), was recently profiled by Tim Finn of the Kansas City Star. I too had an opportunity to catch up with Harshbarger; the following questions were answered via e-mail over the last week…...

Jeff Harshbarger explains 'Game Pieces'

by Paul Andrews

I am a relative newcomer to the world of improvisational jazz, but I've discovered that the more I learn about it the more fascinating it becomes.

I saw the first performance of Game Pieces at the Paragraph Gallery in downtown Kansas City a couple of months ago....

The Oil Rig Gig

by Elke Mermis

In response to the oil spill disaster, Kansas City artists gathered at the BP gas station on Westport Road (across from the Record Bar) on Memorial Day for the Oil Rig Gig. The event, curated by Mark Southerland, Helen Gillet, Jeff Harshbarger and Peregrine Honig, was a...

Under the covers with KC tribute bands

by Monica Watrous

Tribute bands are about as common as fountains around here, and new ones keep sprouting up.

Local mock stars have covered just about any band from AC/DC to ZZ Top. Even a Huey Lewis and the News cover act performed in Kansas City recently. And people paid...

Best Bassist (2007)

Jeff Harshbarger, the go-to man for bass-ism in Kansas City, is everywhere. Over here, he's playing jazz with Mark Southerland at the Record Bar. Over there, he's getting under the bop with the Mark Lowrey Trio. Across town, he's host at an open jam at the Blue Room. Out in...

Welcome to Eighth Street, Enjoy Your Visit(s)

SNUFF JAZZ got “wee" again last night taking their already unusual menagerie of musicians to task on miniature instruments, with help of Mark Hurst on video game components. what a sound those guys can create, anything but wee to say the least…especially loved the kind of beefhearty/gibby haines realm the...

All That Snuff

By Sarah Smarsh

Something about jazz—it never feels quite at home in the wrong environment.

Like hearing some Coleman Hawkins performed in his hometown performing arts center—posh—with a bunch of wannabe rich, white-haired white people filling out the seats (all reclining, all with armrests). So what? Even Bitches Brew as...

Kudos II

Bassist Jeff Harshbarger is getting the new millennium off to a good start. First was a trip to Washington D.C. in April as one of 23 recipients of the Kennedy Center's 2000 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Award, "a national residency program for young, emerging artists," according to the Center....